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Will never be enough.



" I turned off my love emotions, but I know that they will come after me again one day and hit me hard. "


Firewire / söt potatis 5”10 / Amazing board, feels like skateboarding.

North of nowhere

Coffee break

" I Wanna. Surf everyday, do More yoga, feel love, build my own furnitures, shape a surfboard, see the world, build a house, go sailing around the world, travel around Europe in a house van, paint, skiing and surfing in Alaska, go to Iceland, eat superfoods everyday, see more sunsets and sunrises, get lost, build my own company, make other people happy, make myself happy, spend time with good people, take it as it comes, let things go and enjoy every minute of my dreams. "



(via theclassyissue)

" Monday morning you came without warning "

- Monday morning.